Bollywood dance  

Elegant and alluring, you move body, hands and feet
Moments brilliant when mind and spirit meet

This dance form combines the grace and technique of Indian classical and the rhythm and energy of the folk dances. A super blend of movements, rhythm and expression, it also incorporates emotions, gestures and what we call Jathkas and Matkas (swing and sway)

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Bhangra dance

The rhythm gets going, you jump, spin, bend
Twist and turn, clap and tap, that’s Bhangra for you my friend

The Bhangra dance is distinct folk style of dance from Punjab, a state in Northwest India. this dance incorporates simple but energetic movements. The participant though chooses the level of energy. There is clapping, tapping, jumping and what not. It is a great workout, physically and mentally and also very fun.

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Introduction to Kathak

Ta theyi theyi tat, aa theyi theyi tat
Limbs in harmony, spins that are fast

Kathak is a classical dance from North of India. This dance class is for those who want to delve deeper into the technique and aesthetics of Indian dance. This session will focus on the foot and hands work based on Teental. We finish with a simple tukra (a technical piece), Tihai (intricate footwork), Kavit (poetic interpretation)

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Bollywood dance for Kids

Simple and yet fun, Bollywood dance is nice way for children to learn rhythm, expression and coordinated movements.

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About the class

- No prior dance training required, except for Kathak. For that you need to understand rhythm and have in you a good measure of dedication.
- Wear comfortable clothes preferably loose trousers.
- The class starts with a warm up and ends with a stretch.
- Please be on time as a respect to others, since it is a choreography.

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