I believe that to be an artist is a great gift and a great responsibility.

From giving numerous workshops in street theatre and glove puppetry in India to initiating and spearheading Bhoomi (The Earth), starting project Komma till Tal (Make your voice heard) in Sweden and in Montreal working with the Tibetan community and collaborating for Lose Control Deepali strives to make a difference.

Lose Control and find yourself.

The summer of 2011, I embarked upon an extraordinary journey. Extraordinary, because it involved 40 people from different walks of life participating in Montréal’s first Bollywood Flash Mob, ‘Lose Control’. It just just goes to show that dance can indeed unite us all.

Roshni – Let the Light Shine

This Arts festival that comprised of a Gala dinner, a Haat (market), workshops, Bollywood dance night and concluded with a brunch-conference with the film Banna followed by a talk by Dr. Vandana Kanth, project leader of ‘ROSHNI’ in Bihar, India.

While this festival promoted Indian art/culture, it also served as a mean of information and networking through the participative nature of the events. The festival highlighted project ROSHNI that is striving to deal with issues like, woman’s reproductive rights, female foeticide, infanticide and abandonment.

ROSHNI is one such successful ongoing project, striving to aim at emancipation and empowerment.

Festival of Tibet

Festival of Tibet was a seven-day festival that offered 1000 visitors a deeper insight into the rich Tibetan arts forms, culture and cuisine.

Choumey or the butter lamp represents enlightenment and the woman smiling softly nearby is maybe a manifestation of that wisdom that comes from within. Both dispelling darkness and thereby, illuminating the surroundings.

2006 -2009
Komma till Tals

First of its kind in Sweden, a project that involved using visual and performing arts as a medium of integration and creative development among first and second generation immigrant youth.

2001 - 2002
Bhoomi - The earth

A one year project that culminated with a-week long festival in Mumbai.

The idea came from the fact that the seven northeastern states were relatively unknown in Mumbai, having failed to penetrate the art and cultural hub there. The objective was to promote cross-cultural understanding, foster new collaborations and professional networks. Handicrafts, performing arts, cuisine, films, workshops, exhibition were the main highlight of this festival.