Deepali studied film and television production at St. Xaviers in Bombay, the Indian metropolis that churns out more films than anywhere else. Soon after, she assisted a couple of renowned directors and directed short documentaries, before ditching it all to travel and write.

In Montreal Deepali re-entered the world of film and television. In 2010, she performed for the film French Immersion directed by Kevin Tierney of Bon Cop, Bad Cop.

2012 Le Siècle (Actor)

Light! Sound! No Action!

Just sit there and see. A symphony of sensation rises, we travel to the other side of the century to see who speaks and of what.

There the theatre curtains will be slowly pulled aside by a divine intervention, but there will be nothing behind it, for everything is already there among the audience.


La Soirée des Jutra (Performance)

Billet d’or or the Golden ticket is a vibrant Bollywood dance number, choreographed and performed by Deepali and Mix Masala for La Soirée des Jutra, a prestigious award ceremony for the best in Quebec Cinema, presented by Radio Canada.
This song was specially made for the film ‘Starbucks’ that won the Golden ticket award at this ceremony.

Des kiwis et des hommes (Performance)

Deepali and Mix Masala is coming to Jean Talon Market! To dance for the popular series “Des kiwis et des hommes” running in its 8 season.

Poutine Masala Place des Arts

Halida (Pre-production)

In a small far flung village in India, a woman is about to give birth. This is her sixth child and she is praying fervently for a boy. Then hopefully the child will live. Two daughters before her died because she couldn't care for them. She wasn't allowed to.  The child is born and it's a girl. Unable to look at the baby, she turns away. But a mother she is after all, she embraces her destiny and her newborn daughter, Halida.