Deepali Lindblom is Montreal based professional Bollywood and Bhangra dancer. Trained in Kathak, an Indian classical dance, she is also an Actor and a Choreographer.

Deepali's artistic work consists of

- Productions that includes theatre and dance

- Dance class/ workshop for individual or a group.

- Dance performance with her troupe Mix Masala at weddings, festivals, corporate events etc.

- Creating or collaborating for projects that impact communities in a positive way.


Vintage theater

16 September - 23 October, 2016

In this emotional and delightful exploration of motherhood, love and letting go, an American mother's young son is believed to be the reincarnation of a high Buddhist Lama. 

When Tibetan monks arrive unexpectedly, asking to take her child away for a life of spiritual training in India, she and her Tibetan husband must make a life-altering choice that will test their faith... and their hearts.

Grimm's Scary Tales, 28 - 31 October

Based on the original version of the Grimm Brother's fairy tales, this Halloween event will bring the most terrifying, baffling and horrifying stories to life in all of their goriest glory.

Audacious Theatre produces theatrical events that stimulate the imagination and the senses. Through the melding of art forms, we explore the boundaries of live performance and seek to provide entertainment through immersion, innovation and collaboration.


19 March
16 April
15 May,
19 June,
17 July,
17 August,
15 October
19 November
3 December

4 - 7 pm

$40 / workshop

I love food. That is eating, not cooking. Which is funny because I come from a country with more recipes then one can count. I had the privilege of being invited to homes, far flung and indigenous, where I would sit with the lady of the house, as she cooked a scrumptious meal from the scratch.

Thus, I invite you to try an evening of wholesome state of being, where we shall dance a dance, cook a meal and in between laugh and then some more.




Fall session for 4 weeks!
Starting Saturday, September 24, 2016
11.30 am - 1 pm
Cost: $90, $25 drop-in

A brand new session that will have you learning a choreography, incorporating lively and graceful dance movements.

Please email for more information or to register.


1 Feb - 31 October, 2016

MoW! offers the opportunity to gain experience in the field of dance in addition to taking part in a unique accomplishment for the participants residing in Longueuil and Montreal.

MoW! is realized as part of the project Tisser des liens artistiques pour faire rayonner la communauté métropolitaine de Montréal.

MoW! is a project that combines contemporary dance and Bollywood the energetic style of dance found in Indian cinema. The choreography for the contemporaty and Bollywood dance is done by Roger Sinha and Deepali Lindblom respectively.

MoW! will be presented to the public in the summer of 2016.