Past Events

Deepali’s artistic journey began when she arrived in Montréal in 2008, when she became a full time Bollywood dancer, actor and choreographer. Since winter 2010, Deepali has taught this dance to more than 3000 people in Montreal and surroundings.

She has also performed, collaborated, initiated numerous events, some of which are listed below.


19 March
16 April
15 May,
19 June,
17 July,
17 August,
15 October
19 November
3 December

4 - 7 pm

$40 / workshop

I love food. That is eating, not cooking. Which is funny because I come from a country with more recipes then one can count. I had the privilege of being invited to homes, far flung and indigenous, where I would sit with the lady of the house, as she cooked a scrumptious meal from the scratch.

Thus, I invite you to try an evening of wholesome state of being, where we shall dance a dance, cook a meal and in between laugh and then some more.


Mehfeel at Buffalo Trail Elementary

17 March, 2016

Buffalo Trail Elementary, in its committment to honor and recognise ALL of their diverse cultures in our school started Multicultural Fair in 2015, which was a huge success. The community enjoyed learning about the different customs, food and traditions that they bring to the Buffalo Trail.

Deepali is thrilled to participate in their 2016 edition of the Multicultral fair that continues the tradition of celebrating the diversity that Buffalo Trail is known for.

X-mas à la style Bollywood

Restaurant Thanjai
4759 Ave. Van Horne,

Thursday, 10 December, 6 - 10 pm

Come and be a part of the dazziest, shinest and funfilled christmas party, the Bollywood way. Dance, great food, dj, games with great prizes and what not.

Murder in Bollywood by Deepali Lindblom

A dinner murder mystery
10 December, 2015
Thanjai Restaurant

Millions of hearts will have been broken this week as the biggest heartthrob in Bollywood movies, Sakh Roop Khan, was gunned down in his mansion in Malabar Hills.

Khan, who appeared in numerous blockbuster films, as well as biggest soap "Come and get me" was Bollywood's biggest star. His good looks and numerous film award winning talent made woman and media all over the world love him.

But who could have cut his life short and deprived the world of him?

Yeh hai Mumbai, meri jaan by Deepali Lindblom

15 November, 2015
Shalom park, Denver

Directed and choreographed by Deepali

Performers: Deepali, Neel Vaidya, Amit and Shruti Patil

Two warm stories from a city that never sleeps. Woven with humour, a touch of irony, dance and big bits of happytime storytelling, it is about encounters that can transform lives.

dance with deepaliDance with Deepali
An introduction to Indian dance

This summer try something new. Try some Indian dance. Three styles of dance that is graceful, spirited and joyful. Sure to make you smile and leave feeling refreshed.

About the workshop

After a warmhearted warm-up, we start with the basics. A meditation in movement as you are gently guided through the eight simple steps that forms the basis of Kathak, an Indian classical dance.

Up next is Bollywood. A lively melody that will make you softly spin, step and sway.

Finally, we finish with Bhangra, a more upbeat and simple folk dance that is at once energetic and jubilant.

A languorous stretching completes the workshop.

All workshops completed

Saturday, 13 June
Sunday, 5 July, 11 - 1 pm
Sunday 5 July, 4 pm (not open to public)
Wednesday 8 July (not open to public)
Friday 10 July, (not open to public)
Saturday 11 July, (Bollywood dance) 11 - 1 pm
Wednesday, 15 July, (not open to public)
Thursday 16 July, (not open to public)
Saturday 18 July, (Bhangra dance) 11 - 1 pm
Thursday, 30 July (not open to Public)
Thursday, 6 August (not open to public)

Dance workshop for children
5, 11 and 18 July 10 am - 10.50 am

Come, celebrate life this summer. Come away and dance!

Festival Multiculturel
3 - 5 July

BAM pour ( Bourgogne Avenue Multiculturel) is a non-profit collective of traders, buisnesses, restaurateurs with the primary mission to produce a multicultural festival that is at once en event festive with a thousand possibilities as well as bringing about an awareness of the diverse culture and traditions of the communities we live with.


For more information please visit http://festivalmulticultu.wix.com/info

Aurora Arts Festival
Saturday, June 27
9898 E. Colfax ave.

The Aurora Cultural Arts District uses the arts to build a better neighborhood, fostering the growth and development of creative enterprises to spur a vibrant, diverse and economically sustainable place. We believe that the arts are an essential catalyst for the success of everyone who lives, works or owns a business within the boundaries of the Aurora Cultural Arts District.  

We are committed to fostering and promoting the creative enterprises and individuals of the District.  We treasure the cultural heritage of our unique urban environment where arts and culture help us to discover commonalities amidst a cherished diversity.

The Indian Dance festival

16 edition
May 2, Denver
Deepali will be performing a traditional Kerala folk dance with the Kerala women dance group


Bollywood dance at Around the world

Thursday, 12 March, 2015
7 - 10 pm
Tivoli Turnhall, Denver

Lose Control at Denver! At one of the coolest happenings.
Taste the world’s authentic cuisines and tantalizing drinks all in one night! From Middle Eastern Kabobs to spicy South American Empanadas, quenched with exotic Cocktails & a handful of non-alcoholic delights. Watch live music & dance performances while you chat with International leaders about their cultural traditions. And then get ready for a thumping beat that is sure to pump in some heat.

foto : Ji Lee


Script and chreography: Deepali Lindblom
Performers: Deepali Lindblom avec Marie-Danielle Bréton, Marjorie Guillemin, Marie-Hélène Dugal, Éliane Wiler and Natalia Galindo

2 August, House of Friendship, 2 pm
10 August, Festival of India in Ottawa, 8 pm
16 August, Festival du monde, Sherbrooke, 7 pm

Once there was a hare and a tortoise who though very good friends got into an argument and decided to settle it with a race. While the tortoise trudged forward, the hare ran fast. On the way the hare rested under a tree, not knowing that it was a tree of enlightenment. So while under it, it had an aha! moment. It pretended to sleep, while the tortoise passed by. The hare arrived at the finish line to find a beaming tortoise. Their friendship was restored. The tortoise won the race but you see, so did the hare.

How do you define the essence of a country that has more languages and cultures found in any continent in the world.

I present to you stories of real life-altering encounters. Woven together with laughter, tears and joy, they give us a glimpse into what makes India, so unique, so incredible.

Enter an enchanting world of storytelling and dance. Open your heart to movements that dazzle and words that inspire.


Dhamaal Encore = Double Dhamaka (explosion)

Script and chreography: Deepali Lindblom
Performers: Deepali Lindblom avec Marie-Danielle Bréton, Marjorie Guillemin, Marie-Hélène Dugal, Éliane Wiler and Natalia Galindo

22 July, Atwater (not open to public)
14 August, Rosemont
2 August, 7 pm (not open to public)
10 August, Festival of India in Ottawa, 8.30 pm
16 August, Festival du monde, Sherbrooke, 10 pm

Back by demand
Yes, back in the deal
Sparkling and seductive

Great energy and zeal

Riding on the success Dhamaal last year, Deepali Productions brings forth a new creation, "Dhamaal Encore". New choreographies put together with the popular old goldies, performed by the most talented dancers in town, this one will leave you breathless. Literally.

Aap aayen hamari mehfeel mein, Jaan aayi, junoon aayi,
Aur ho gayi shaam rangeeli.

(You came into my gathering, You infused it with life, new passions, And lo, the evening is colorful then ever)

Mehfeel, A Bollywood dance show at
fundraising of Montreal Shakespeare Theatre Company

Saturday,, 5 April, 6 pm, 4695 Blvd Maisonneuve W.
$20 - $100
Info: 514-816-5516/ themstc.com

Bollywood drama queens come to help raise fund for the king of drama. MSTC is an independent theatre company that specializes in adapting the works of William Shakespeare into modern English and performing them at elementary schools and high schools, in a fun, lively and accessible way. They mostly tend to perform in lower-income areas to expose them to theatre. Over the years, the company has performed over 400 shows at over 300 schools.

Bollywood dance show at International Women's day

Friday, 14 March 2014, 5 pm
Info: 819-776-6764/ afio.ca

“If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.”
- Margaret Thacher

Celebrating international Woman's day with the multiethnic women of Gatineau, join us for some funfare, food and Bollywood dance.

For a more information on the event please click here.

Bollywood dance show at Cuisines Collectives du grand Plateau

Thursday, 27 Feburary 2014, 6 pm
4095 Rue Andre
Members $15, others $20, Children $10

Montreal offers a wide diversity in all things cuisine related. Among many, there is a 21 year old "Cuisines Collectives du grand Plateau" that continues to create culinary activities that bring people together.
The organization emphasizes human solidarity, helping to create a sense of belonging among people socially isolated with special focus on Children and seniors.

Please click on the poster to enlarge it.
For a more information on the colletive please click here.

Dhamaal - Bedazzled by Bollywood, 2013
ChDammaloreographed by Deepali


Dhamaal in Hindi means bringing down the house, literally. Dance and be merry like there is no tomorrow.I dream of india

Comprising of various styles of Indian dance, Dhamaal takes you on an exciting odyssey of all that Bollywood is made up of.

21 & 22 July, Premiere at "festival Just for Laugh"
9 & 10 August, Sherbrooke
11 August, Ottawa
14 August, Rosemont
15 August, Petite Italie
17 August, Chicoutimi
9 September, Place-des-Arts for ARTV & Opera de Montréal
15 September, Point Claire
20 September, Hudson Yatch Club
21 September, Metro Mont Royal
9 October, Hampstead
19 October, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce,
25 October, Polyvalent, St-Félicien, Lac St-Jean
25 October, Portes ouvertes sur le Lac, Lac St-Jean
8 November, Le Mont Blanc, Laval
9 November, Diwali celeration for Tamil association of Montreal
16 November, Durga Pooja celebrations, Montreal
5 December, St. Ambroise
13 December, Restaurant Rajastan
14 December, Dhamaal Finale, St. Denis

The Hall of Shame

Presented by The Women Arts Society of Montreal
Written, choreographed and performed by Deepali Lindblom
10 December, 2013
McCord Museum
690 Sherbrooke Street West

It is recorded in Mahabharatha an Hindu epic, that once the royal Kaurava princes invited their Pandava cousins to a game of dice. The Pandavas lose everything they owned, including their own selves. Finally Yudhisthir the oldest Pandava puts Draupadi, his own brother's wife on stake and loses.

The Hall of Shame, is a new dance production that portrays the humiliation of Draupadi, her pain, her humiliation, her anger as she stands alone against the world.

Using dance, theatre and videos, Deepali recounts this story that is still highly prevalent in our present times.

I dream of India at festival Just for laughs
An odyssey of dance and tradition.
21 and 22 July, 2013
12 pm - 9 pm

The event focuses on four unique activities, repeated twice daily. The activites, centered around Indian dance, food and tradition, will give the Montrealers and tourists a deeper cultural experience of India.

Wine and Cheese and Bollywood dance

Once a Quebecoise girl went to India. For 6 months she worked with organizations that rescued women from prostitution and domestic violence. She helped them create gardens, something that the women needed and appreciated.

Upon returning she founded an organization to help other Montrealers travel there to volunteer for worthy causes. Come and help raise fund to make it possible to send the first batch of volunteers in 2014.

Domaine des petits fruits, Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu
3 May, 5 pm, $30

ong.sari.ngo@gmail.com,  fb “Service d’aide responsible internationale”


17 - 19 Decembre
Le lundi 17 decembre entre 2-6 pm 20 - 35$
le mercredi 19 decembre 5 pm, 10 -20$
6 Noble street, Pia Bouman studios


Bollywood Halloween

3 November, 18h30
120 Duluth East

Scream and howl, this Halloween, the Bollywood way. If you have ever dreamt to be dressed up like one of those dazzling stars and strut your stuff, this is your moment. Now or don't know when again. Come join other Bollywood stars on this evening of great food, great dance, great games and lots of fun.



27 October and 2 November, 17h
Georges Émile Lapalme at Place des Arts

Indian dances have had many influences. One of them has been from the 'Arabia'. Thus, come and watch Deepali perform her new dance choreographies at Festival du Monde Arabe de Montréal. Then join her in learning some dance moves that are Arab-inspired.

17 October,
Argyle Institute Gala 30e anniversaire
Galarie d'Este, Westmount

To support the Argyle Institute's mission to offer excellence in Psychotherapy Accessible to All

Featuring Quebec's favorite astronaut, Marc Garneau

21 September,

A Dinner Conference , 21 September at 18h, 15$ (10$ for students)
Resto Plateau, 4450 St Hubert, Metro Mont-Royal

"Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future: ethical look at the Plan Nord"                     
with Christian Simard, Director General of Nature Quebec, co-spokesperson of "What Quebec has looked better."
Thesis: Reducing violence in Nigeria: Curriculum interfaith peace education in advanced religious training

24 - 26 August, 2012
Bollywood at Blvt St-Laurent

Lending to the vibrant and colorful ambiance Deepali and friends will be performing Bollywood and Bhangra dances during the sidewalk sale on the most happening street of Montreal, blvd st. Laurent.
Come and be festive. Dance some, laugh some and be merry!

19 - 25 August, 2012
Indian Independence day

India got its independence on 15 August, 1947. This historical day is celebrated as India day in Montreal. Deepali and friends performed Bollywood and Bhangra dances at Leige Park and at Ville st.Laurent, organisd by the India Canada Association.

6 - 27 August, 2012
Summer Bollywood and Bhangra dance workshop

This summer, Deepali offered a four-Monday Bollywood and Bhangra dance workshop.

15 July, 2012
Weekend du Monde

The troupe Mix Masala performed for the first time at the very popular festival, "Weekend du Monde"at Parc Jean Drapeau. After the performance Deepali gave a mini dance workshop to all present.

16 - 27 May, 2012
Poutine Masala - Can you handle the Spice?

A Quebecois who lives in the present falls in love with an Indian girl who lives for the future. A blast from the past complicates matters more.
A soulful reflection of Montreal, Poutine Masala is a comical look at an intercultural relationship that is sure to warm the heart. Trilingual, it is a comedy dance-theatre in a true Bollywood style.

10 May, 2012
Les Kiwis et des hommes

Poutine Masala is coming to Jean Talon Market! We are delighted to be invited to participate in the popular series “Des kiwis et des hommes” running in its 8 season.

Deepali and the cast of Poutine Masala will perform two short dance numbers from their much anticipated production, “Poutine Masala”

23 - 29 April, 2012
Quebec Dance week

Deepali and her 60 students performed Lose Control! The Bollywood flashmob at Place-des-arts in the closing event for the Dance week, an event organised by “Regroupement québécois de la danse”.

28 - 29 April, 2012l

In the first dance expo happening in Montreal, Deepali shared the space with many other leading dance companies from Canada and the US at place Bonaventure. Besides performing two new choreographies with Mix Masala, both days, Deepali also gave two Bollywood dance workshops.

18 March, 2012
Bollywood dance for Danser pour s’aimer

A sensational event consisting of 12 hours of non-stop dance classes in different dance styles.
This event ‘dance-a-thon’ aims to raise funds for ANEB, a nonprofit organization that provides professional and free assistance to people affected by anorexia and bulimia.

17 March, 2012
Rangeela, the festival of Colors, presenting Nartaki - The Dancer

evening comprising of end-of-session dances and pot-luck, embracing within, the essence of living and celebrating the spring.
Nartaki (The dancer), the first performance of the evening by Kattam on African percussions and Deepali, was a tribute to the love and dedication of a dancer for the art. Rightly so, because that night one witnessed this love as 60 dancers dazzled the audience that made many get up and try the dance workshop afterwards.

Poutine Masala Place des Arts

11 March, 2012
La Soirée des Jutra

" Billet d'or" or the Golden ticket is a vibrant Bollywood dance number, choreographed and performed by Deepali and Mix Masala for La Soirée des Jutra, a prestigious award ceremony for the best in Quebec Cinema, presented by Radio Canada.
This song was specially made for the film 'Starbucks' that won the Golden ticket award at this ceremony.

27 November, 2011
Choti si Aasha - A little hope

As the earth shifts on its axis and the season change, so does something in the universe and in our lives. What makes it endearing is the festive season of lights. Deepawali, a festival of lights, followed by Halloween and soon after, the Christmas extravaganza.
This Diwali, we are celebrating again with some dance, from the plains, the mountains, the sea and the desert, I present to you ‘Choti si Aasha'.

15 October, 2011
Light the Night

Deepali and friends performed the Bollywood flashmob at Parc Jean Drapeau to support the Light the Night event that is organised by Leukemia and Lymphoma society of Canada each year to raise funds.

25 September, 2011
Bal du Dimanche

Bollywood dance is more then just glamour and allure. It is an escape perhaps for a few moments into a world, where senses are challenged, heightened, made-to-believe that life indeed is a delightful dream.

Ergo, this Sunday, you are invited to join us at Place-des-Arts to watch and participate in a Bollywood dance event.

7- 21 September, 2011
Festival of Peace

7 - 21 September is the festival of Peace and Deepali with her friends are delighted to be performing for this festivval on 17 September House at House of Friendship.

Poutine Masala Place des Arts1 July - 16 September, 2011
Lose Control! Bollywood Centre-Sud Flashmob

This summer, Deepali collaborated with CRIC Centre-Sud to bring together 40 people from different walks of life to participate in Montréal’s first Bollywood Flash Mob, ‘Lose Control’. After learning the choreography they performed at several places in and around Montreal, concluding it at Esplanade at Place-des-Arts.

17 - 19 June, 2011
Roshni - Let the Light Shine!

Taste and smell, listen and see. Three days of how diverse and spirited Indian culture is. Be entertained and enlightened.
There is Naach hi Naach, the evening of Bollywood and other Indian dances. Tap your feet and clap along to some of the most famous Bollywood dance numbers.
Then learn the last day, Roshni for ROSHNI, a project in a small border town of Bihar in north India. Watch the film Banna, eat our delectable breakfast and hear Dr. Vandana Kanth speak of her passion for working with the marginalised. How she and her team have taken on the hard task of empowering 35000 people.
Indulge and be involved. Interact and act. Welcome to Roshni - Let the Light Shine

14 - 29 May, 2011
Asian Heritage Month

Chinese Culture Centre in collaboration with Brossard Chinese School invited Deepali to perform and give several workshops during the Asiam Heritage Month.

28 May, 2011
Bollywood dance workshop in aid of cancer research

I have been dancing Bollywood dance with Deepali since she started teaching a year ago. In August, I will attend the Weekend for Women's Cancers, a 60-kilometer walk in the streets of Montreal. Presently, I am raising fund that will go for research on breast cancer and gynecologic cancers. The event is organized by the Montreal Jewish General Hospital. My mother and aunt were affected by cancer recently and that is what motivates me in my efforts. Deepali, my vibrant dance teacher gladly supports my cause by giving a bollywood dance workshop. Come dance with us to support this important cause!

Poutine Masala Place des Arts8 May, 2011
The Heat is on!

What happened on 8 May when the good folks of Montreal gathered on a sunny day, outside the House of Friendship with a backdrop of city’s famous mural? Purpose? To dance some Bollywood and be filmed. A big thanks to you who could come!
Light was very good. Camera was rolling. Action!
Joyously presenting The Heat is on the promotional video for Roshni - Let the Light Shine!

14 April, 2011
Le Rendez-vous interculturel

8 adolescents. Different backgrounds but one purpose. To learn ‘ Rang de Basanti’ a bollywood bhangra dance that talks about unity in diversity.

So, here we are at the finale, at our best. Join us for an afternoon of bollywood dancing, food from various corners of the world and some serious rapping by Samian accompanied by DJ Horg.

Le Rendez-vous interculturel is an initiative by the Table de concertation jeunesse du Centre-sud, co-ordinated by Carrefour de ressources en interculturel, to promote ethnic diveristy and prevent racism. Kudos to them and all those who are making it happen, specially the participating youth.

Comming home11 March, 2011
Ghar Pharkiney, a dance-storytelling production

Presenting dance-storytelling Ghar pharkiney - The return home at Toronto Nepali Film Festival
Deepali is a Gorkha from Darjeeling (Northeast India), a warrior race within the Nepali community. With this dance-drama, Deepali is returning home to her roots. Inspired by her mother’s latest visit to her ancestral home, she echoes the sentiments of many other migrant workers who long to return home. For those unaware, trafficking and migration for work is one of the burning issues both in Nepal and Darjeeling. This dance-drama thus serves as a curtain raiser to this problem.

18 March, 2011
Oh Krishna! Where art thou?

What would happen if Krishna ever came to Montréal with Radha his beloved? Here’s what happened. Come and find out in ‘Oh Krishna! where art thou?’ A comedy written by Veena, directed and choreographed by Deepali, specially for Holi, the festival of colors.

10 November, 2010

Aap aayen hamari mehfeel mein, Jaan aayi, junoon aayi, Aur ho gayi shaam rangeeli. (You came into my gathering, You infused it with life, new passions. And lo, the evening is colorful then ever)

Mehfeel, is a Bollywood dance night that celebrates the spirit of India, unique and magnificent.
Of its people, enduring, colorful and extraordinary.
And of many facets of love.... from the first, sweet teasing of hearts to the promise of a happily ever after.