Chance on Dance

Yoga and Dance are known to have tremendous power to heal and restore. Yoga is specially effective as one learns a paradoxical skill: to calm yourself while you exert.

Indian dance is a delightful sidetrack to Yoga. It’s beauty, rhythm and grace simply invites one to move. And while doing so, one may find joy.

And a joyful person can achieve much.

Presence of volunteers/mentors may facilitate a dialog and information sharing, opportunities to learn and work together and develop collaborative practices. And we know that only good things can come out of that.

Add to it, a goal of winning a prize for your organization and you may have a motivated participant.


Five organizations working with the trafficked, homeless, refugees and at-risk youth.


Using Yoga and Indian dance, we aspire to:

  1. Uplift and Inspire
  2. Draw in new volunteers/mentors/friends
  3. Raise awareness and funds


Once a week for 50 minutes, for three months (March - May), participants from five collaborating organizations will do a combination of Yoga and Indian dance.
This activity will culminate by a dance performance with monetary awards to the represented organization for the best dance performance.


March - May, 2017 with performance in June. September - November, 2017 with performance in December.