Tell my Memory

Trudy Strauss was only 20 years of age when she landed in New York in 1915. She arrived from a little town near Baden Baden in Germany, thanks to her mother’s foresight. Soon after, her parents and four sister left for Israel, thus narrowly escaping the Holocaust. Tragically, the rest of her family did not.

Today, Trudy, a master pianist and potter is 101, lives independently at a senior home and amidst her exquisite works of art, often dwells on the memories of her family. She above all, treasures one memory. When she went to Israel to meet her mother and sisters after 21 years.

Project Tell my Memory is an attempt to preserve one beautiful memory of the very elderly and individuals at-risk of dementia. Through storytelling and video, we shall play it back to them. And in this way, forever capture a cherished memoir.


Two 80+ seniors and two seniors with progressive dementia.


The seniors will share one memory. Their most cherished memory. This then shall be the story that will be told through movement, storytelling and film.


In a single or a few meetings, the volunteer will visit with the individual. They and their stories will be filmed. The script thus created will be dramaturged, rehearsed and finally presented in June along with the dance performances of project Chance on Dance.


March - May, 2017 with performance in June. September - November, 2017 with performance in December.