Marriage is a time to celebrate, The joinings of two hearts
A time to exchange vows and say, Till death do us part

icon weddingWeddings and bachelorettes are joyful events. Let Deepali add to the joy in three following ways:

Simple and straightforward: Performance by Deepali and her troupe Mix Masala.
Element of surprise: Deepali gives workshop to the couple or friends to perform a surprise number.
A beautiful memory: Create a special theme that can be shown or staged during the wedding or reception.


Each event is tailormade according to your need and budget. It starts as low as 250$ and goes up depending on the following:

- Number of performers
- Number of participants (workshop)
- Duration, location
- Creating a theme

Please Note: Deepali also arranges for Bridal make-up, henna, dress and jewelry. Please email or phone to ask for details.